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"Imagine a modern, bright, and airy living room with white walls and large windows that allow natural light to filter in. In the center of the room, there’s a unique and captivating armchair made entirely of natural grass, its modern design harmoniously blending with the surrounding environment.


The armchair features clean lines and elegant curves, creating a fascinating contrast with the soft, green texture of the grass. The vibrant green shade of the armchair serves as a refreshing focal point in the living room. Around the armchair, several plants in modern pots add a sense of nature and vitality to the setting.


The floor is covered with a neutral and soft material, perhaps a lightweight rug, further accentuating the modern design of the room. Suspended light fixtures from the ceiling add a touch of elegance, gently illuminating the scene without harsh shadows.


It’s a serene and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation, where nature seamlessly merges with modern design in a harmonious way."


Now, let’s envision a set of relaxation armchairs that embrace Biophilic design and promote a holistic approach to overall well-being. A true blend of nature, comfort, and sustainability.


Description of the Nettle Armchairs Set


Recycled Wood Structure: The armchairs’ base is crafted from recycled wood, giving them a natural and sustainable appearance. This approach reduces environmental impact and contributes to their overall sustainability.

Soft and Natural Padding: The padding is made from plant-based materials such as coconut fiber, horsehair, or natural latex. These materials offer enveloping comfort and are entirely biodegradable.

Recycled Wood Structure: The base of these armchairs is crafted from recycled wood, giving them a natural and sustainable appearance. By using reclaimed wood, we reduce environmental impact and contribute to overall sustainability.

Soft and Natural Upholstery: The upholstery of the armchair is made from a special covering composed of naturally treated nettle fibers. These fibers are woven using an eco-friendly and sustainable technology.

From nettle plants, with specific natural treatment and technologies, it is possible to obtain thin, flexible, and soft yarns that are as breathable as linen and as lustrous as silk, all while being entirely vegan. This plant is incredibly versatile: nearly every part of it has a specific reuse potential in the world of sustainable design.

The visual effect resembles a lush green meadow, reducing resource usage and both indoor and environmental pollution.

Nature Sensation: Sitting in these armchairs evokes the feeling of relaxing on a fragrant lawn. The texture evokes blades of grass and the natural scent help to create an atmosphere of connection with nature.

Lumbar Support and Posture: The chair’s structure is meticulously designed to support the spine and encourage proper posture. The soft materials conform to the body’s natural curves, providing personalized comfort.

Nature Sounds: There is a small digital device, home automation that can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or to the home Voice Assistant, with small loudspeakers hidden inside the seat. Such speakers reproduce soothing sounds of nature, such as birdsong or the rustling of leaves or the pieces of music we prefer or the podcast we want to listen to. It will be like immersing yourself in a natural oasis.

Let’s create small havens of well-being and nature within our city homes.

A tranquil corner customized to our desires.


Our Holistic Approach


Our armchairs are designed with a comprehensive holistic approach, considering the entire product lifecycle. Beyond comfort and aesthetics, we prioritize the physical and mental well-being of the user. Our holistic philosophy embraces the connection with nature, harmony with the surrounding environment, and the promotion of overall global wellness.


Our environmental sustainability embraces economic sustainability 

Our environmental sustainability also encompasses economic sustainability. For us, the circular economy is inseparable from our creations, considering the entire product lifecycle from production to end-of-life recovery.

Design for Longevity: The armchairs are meticulously designed to stand the test of time. High-quality materials and robust assembly ensure a prolonged useful life.

Regeneration and Revamping: Beyond recycling, we explore regeneration or revamping interventions to extend the armchairs’ lifespan. For instance, we offer the option to replace worn parts or renew the upholstery.

End-of-Life Recovery: When the armchairs reach the end of their life cycle, we promote material recycling and reuse. The wood could be repurposed into new objects or used for energy production. The plant-based upholstery might be sustainably disposed of or even regenerated for other purposes.


Our desire is for these armchairs to not only provide comfort and a connection with nature but also serve as an example of sustainability and environmental responsibility.
GRASS ARMCHAIRS 04_edited.jpg
GRASS ARMCHAIRS 03_edited.jpg
GRASS ARMCHAIRS 02_edited.jpg


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