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Circular D: Biophilic Design

"The Symphony of Nature in Circular Design"

Circular Design and "Biophilic Design," a fascinating combination of nature and sustainable design. This exposition seeks to explore how inspiration from nature can transform into design objects that nourish the soul and human well-being, within the framework of circular economy, entirely Made in Italy, in full environmental sustainability and human comfort.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that incorporating nature into our environments and everyday objects can have numerous benefits for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


The Heart of Biophilic Design

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Design is an approach that integrates natural elements into our everyday objects. Incorporating natural elements not only means adding plants, flowers, and natural materials but establishing a deep connection with life itself. This creates a holistic approach to achieving total comfort, where mind and body can find refreshment and profound, ancestral benefits.


Key Elements of Biophilic Design

Lush Greenery

Integration of plants, trees, natural fragrances.

Benefits for mental and physical health.

Natural Materials

Use of wood, stone, terracotta, etc., all recycled and recyclable materials. Emulating natural patterns and processes.

Sensation of warmth and authenticity. Unique tactile sensations for deep relaxation.

Natural and Artificial Light

Play of light between natural and artificial light imitating nature.

Visual and extrasensory sensations.

Organic Forms

Use of organic forms that stimulate our senses and engage our curiosity to evoke positive emotional responses, also with the skillful use of color.


Biophilic Design and Circular Design

Our objects are Inspired by Nature and its natural cycles, strictly Made in Italy, using infinitely recyclable materials in a perspective of strict circular economy.

Organic shapes that evoke Nature, leaves, flowers, and creatures that bring joy and well-being when touched and observed.

Objects that capture sunlight through their shapes and play with artificial lights, thanks to the skillful use of color, becoming a kind of Living Installations.

Objects that change over time due to plant growth, variations in light, and our mood.

A deep, unique dialogue between humans, their spaces, and nature itself.


Benefits of Biophilic Design

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the real benefits of Biophilic Design, summarized as:

Stress reduction; mood improvement; increased cognitive function; and the reduction of atmospheric, acoustic, and thermal pollution in living spaces.

Allows the creation of meeting places, connections, and regeneration with increased creativity and productivity, enhancing concentration and reducing anxiety and pain.


Biophilic Design is not just a fashion trend but a real necessity for modern humans.

It helps us rediscover the beauty and vitality of nature, creating spaces that nourish and connect us with the world around us and the deepest part of our being.

Let us be inspired by nature and bring its harmony into our lives through our creations.

Our design is based on the international protocol of Biophilic Design, following the studies of Steve Kellert (Yale 2008).


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